Thursday, August 6, 2009

Landlord accused of spying on tenant in shower

KALAMA, Ore. -- It began with a renter's complaint.

Last year the woman told police told police she thought her landlord was spying on her through a hidden camera in the shower. The woman lived in an upstairs apartment inside the home the landlord shared with a second renter.

That landlord - former Kalama City Council member Paul Stickel - has been charged with voyeurism, but he claims he did no such thing.

Police searched Stickel's home last Spring and confiscated videotapes, televisions and cable. They also found a hole in the wall in the woman's bathroom.

In a March 2008 affidavit, police said videotape taken from Stickel's home "shows Stickel simulating taking a shower" to test the camera-equipped shower stall.

Detectives also cited a "secret viewing area" - a covered peephole - that looks out through a mirror on the woman's medicine cabinet.

Stickel claims the investigators are bluffing. He says the hole in the bathroom was already there when he moved into the house a decade ago. And there was never any recording equipment in the shower, he said.


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Terry Sachetti said...

Wow, can you believe that? There are all kinds of spy cameras and spy equipment available out there today but you really must know the laws on use. Of course there will always be some nuts out there no matter what laws.