Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A.R.M.S. Inc. Wins Trade Secret and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuit

WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. - (Business Wire) A federal court jury awarded A.R.M.S. Inc., a designer of accessories and attachments for small arms weapons for 30 years, in excess of $1.8 million in damages in a lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty against Stephen P. Troy, Jr. and his company, Troy Industries, Inc., of Lee, MA.

In the lawsuit, originally filed on August 23, 2007, A.R.M.S. alleged that its former employee of seven months, Stephen Troy, who had held a position of trust and confidence with the company, had stolen A.R.M.S.’s trade secrets for a proprietary handguard system for use on M-4/M-16/AR-15 rifles and incorporated those trade secrets in a competing modular, free-float railed handguard system that attached to the barrel nut and that was being offered and sold by Troy Industries, commencing after he was fired from A.R.M.S. On June 26, 2009, after a two-week trial in the Massachusetts Federal District Court, a nine member federal jury returned a verdict against Stephen P. Troy and Troy Industries, finding them liable for misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty.


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