Sunday, July 5, 2009

Agent wanted to bug LaCoste vehicles

The FBI was prepared to install “mobile tracking devices” in the vehicles of Joe LaCoste and his wife, Joene, according to Special Agent Jason S. Cherry.

In his affidavit supporting a search warrant of the LaCoste home in North Albany, Cherry said he believed that following the vehicles for 45 days “will lead to evidence of wire, mail and securities fraud and as to (sic) the identification of other individuals who have conspired with Joseph LaCoste to commit those and related crimes.”

Cherry also reported in the affidavit that he conducted a “physical surveillance” of the LaCoste home at 3120 Crocker Lane N.W., on May 1.

It was a Friday, the day Allied Waste makes its collection runs in North Albany.

From a green trash can off the driveway, Cherry said, he took “five white bags.”

He said he found several business-related documents in the trash, along with printouts of a calendar that showed meetings LaCoste had regarding real estate developments, mostly in Washington.

It is unknown whether the FBI followed through on the idea of bugging the LaCoste vehicles.

Cherry could not be reached for this story, and the FBI rarely comments publicly on such matters.

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