Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crooks may use Twitter to find vacant homes to rob


Are you tweeting right now?

Better be careful because a tweet about your whereabouts could leave you vulnerable.

Lots of us tweet to let friends know where we are but that may be a very public invitation for trouble.

All it took was this one tweet and 140 characters to let the world know that Israel Hyman and his family were in Kansas City and more importantly that they were not home.

“It’s pretty unnerving. You worry, could this happen again?“ asked robbery victim jerry Hyman.

Israel’s father Jerry stopped by his son’s home while they were away and found that someone had broken in.

Israel later tweeted that the thief or thieves stole Israel’s Mac pro computer, two displays, and printer.

The family is not sure if it was because of Hyman’s tweet.

“We don’t know for sure if that’s what caused the break it in, but it sure gives you pause to think about what you’re publicly going to broadcast on the internet,“ said Hyman.

Tech analyst Rob Enderle says you can’t get too personal on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s just downright risky.


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