Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Court rules secret GPS tracking without a warrant is now legal

A Wisconsin court ruled late last week that police can now secretly attach a GPS tracking device (like the one pictured above) to your car without a warrant. They can then track your comings and goings without your knowledge, building a case against you to presumably protect your fellow citizens.
The court reasoned that it's okay for cops to spy on citizens like this because "GPS tracking does not involve a search or seizure." The ACLU scoffed at this fantasy, saying it's "a gross violation of one's privacy, and makes the Fourth Amendment a sad clown."
What's next? Secretly embedding a chip in each one of us, giving the government the ability to track all of our movements in real time? Goodbye, privacy. Either that, or perhaps some privacy-minded judge in a higher court will rule this travesty unconstitutional.

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