Thursday, April 9, 2009

Power companies, Homeland Security tackling power grid threat

Indianapolis - A report has found that the nation's power grid is facing the threat of foreign spies.
National security officials say there's no immediate threat to our power system. But they say cyber spies have hacked into the national power grid, even leaving behind software that could someday mean lights out for the United States.
The power running to your television or computer comes from the same system powering homes and businesses across the country. The giant grid supplies electricity to everything. National security officials say the grid has been hacked into by cyber spies.
"From a war-fighting point of view and eventually perhaps from a terrorism point of view, cyber attacks are among the fastest growing threats we face," said Stewart Baker, former Homeland Security official.
US officials confirm cyber spies from Russia and China have planted software in the power grid that could disrupt the country's flow of electricity. So far, Homeland Security says it's a problem in theory.
"We have had no denial of service, utility service to an American citizen on the homeland because of an international cyber attack," said Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security secretary.

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