Friday, March 13, 2009

US lawyer Zeltser’s secretary to be deported to Russia
Vladlena Funk, the secretary of American lawyer Emanuel Zeltser imprisoned in Belarus, will be deported to Russia, the woman’s defense attorney, Dzmitry Harachka, told BelaPAN

The 31-year-old Russian was released from Homyel’s correctional institution on March 12 after serving out her one-year prison sentence. Upon her release from the prison she was brought by police officers to the city’s temporary holding facility.

The woman was placed in a separate cell not shared with any other inmates at her request, according to Mr. Harachka.

Mr. Harachka had a one-hour meeting with his client in the detention center and said that she was “lightly shocked” by the way she was treated. In August 2008, Mr. Zeltser and Ms. Funk were sentenced to prison on charges of "attempted industrial espionage" and the use of fake documents. The Minsk City Court held the trial behind closed doors and no details of the case were disclosed to the public.


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