Saturday, March 14, 2009

Police bugged wife's car Stourport murder trial hears


A STOURPORT wife who became a murder suspect after her husband's disappearance became increasingly worried as police stepped up their investigation, a jury was told.

Muriel Southall complained that "tittle tattle" on the caravan site where the couple lived was being passed to detectives and that she and her alleged lover, 59-year-old Michael Whitcombe, were being followed.

Police had secretly installed a listening device in her car and a record of her conversations was played to a jury at Worcester Crown Court.

Southall, 60, of Redstone Lane, Stourport, and Whitcombe, of Worcester Road, Stourport, plead not guilty to murdering 62-year-old Reginald Southall on December 4, 2007 and attempting to pervert justice by giving false information to the police.


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