Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Owner Watched Live Feeds Of Ladies Room

Owner Of Poloros Restaurant In Mineola Arrested After Surveillance Camera Spotted In Ceiling Tiles
A peeping Tom preying on women in the most vulnerable of positions!

The sickening discovery -- a hidden camera – was found inside the ladies' bathroom of a well known Long Island restaurant. And as CBS 2 HD found out, the suspect behind it has a troublesome history.
Nassau County Police Lt. Raymond Cote showed CBS 2 HD surveillance video that captured the sickening crime as it was happening. Police say Omar Romero set up a hidden camera inside the ladies room of the restaurant he owns in Mineola and watched live feeds of the surveillance from his office.
"That's Omar Romero in the video you see here. He's running cable from this video camera down to the basement PC that he has where he was viewing the interior of the ladies bathroom," Lt. Cote said.


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