Monday, March 16, 2009

Critics contend that the spy agency shouldn't take the lead on federal cybersecurity efforts.


The abrupt resignation of one of the U.S. government's top cybersecurity officials has exposed widespread -- though not universal -- opposition to the National Security Agency's expanding role in federal security initiatives.

Rod Beckström stepped down as head of the National Cybersecurity Center on Friday, six days after his one-year anniversary in that job. The Department of Homeland Security made him the NCSC's first director after setting up the agency to oversee the government's cybersecurity defenses and cyberthreat responses. But in a sharply worded resignation letter dated March 5, Beckström said the NSA is effectively running those efforts. 

He also claimed that by proposing that the offices of both the NCSC and the National Protection and Programs Directorate be moved to its headquarters, the NSA is trying to wrest further control from the DHS.


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MrB398 said...

A little gps vehicle tracking goes a long ways in the world of security.