Monday, March 16, 2009

Counter-measures taken against suspected bugs

It seems like the very definition of paranoia: Spending thousands of dollars sweeping for hidden electronic devices -- and finding none.

But that's what Maricopa County Supervisors are doing -- with your money.

We first heard about the bugs in a March 10 Arizona Republic article by Yvonne Wingett about the deteriorating relationships of county officials. Wingett casually mentions the bugs, then moves on to other subjects in her article:

And, last December, officials spent $10,000 to have offices in the 10th floor of the county administration building in downtown Phoenix swept for bugs; none was found.

Presumably, it's well within the capabilities of a police agency like the Sheriff's Office to plant bugs, and deputies could do it legally with a wiretap order. Whether they would do it illegally -- you decide.


Note:Cheers to the Maricopa County Supervisors! It's about time that someone realizes that eavesdropping threats are a very important part of preventative Risk Management. JDL

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