Tuesday, March 31, 2009

E-cigarette goes USB

Once again, Japanese retailer Thanko proves that virtually everything can be given a USB port, from butt coolers to lunch boxes, and now the e-cigarette. Thanko's USB Tabako, which comes with 11 filter butts and an atomizer for $33, even lights up at the end like a real ciggie. Though the fact that there's no ash to flick is a dead giveaway.
While the USB Tabako may not have the nicotine kick that tarred smokers' desire, electric cigarettes could become an increasingly desperate viable option to beat the non-smoking bans making it harder to puff in Asia. Singapore's laws alone are so stringent, it's almost impossible to exhale outdoors, including within about 16 feet of any entrance or exit of buildings and facilities where smoking is prohibited.

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