Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bulgarian national arrested in Romania over alleged spying for Russia

Peter Zikolov, a Bulgarian national, and Floricel Achim, a Romanian military officer,have been arrested in Bucharest yesterday on
charges of respectively espionage and treason, the Bulgarian information agency BTA reported, cited by Darik radio. Achim allegedly sold state secrets to Zikolov, who sent it further to a non-NATO state, namely to Russia, through a complex network, organized as an intelligence service, Romanian news agency HotNews marks.
The Bulgarian National radio (BNR) reported that Zikolov, who had a consulting company in the Romanian capital, has been accused of leaking military secrets to a third country that was not an European Union and NATO member.
The spokesperson of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, Dragovest Draganov, confirmed that Zikolov wasn't in any way a representative of the Bulgarian state, but a private individual.
According to Romania's daily Cotidianul, the two men were supplying top secret documents to a Russian representative for which they were paid significant amounts of money. However, in some reports it is said that Zikolov at interrogation has mentioned name of Ukraine telling about his illegal activities.


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