Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conficker USB Worm Spreading Quickly


Security researchers are reporting that the Conficker worm virus, which preys on a recently reported vulnerability (MS08-067) in the Microsoft Windows server service, is spreading rapidly even as we speak.

According to a warning issued today by PandaLabs, some six percent (115,000-plus) of the two million computers that it has scanned for the virus in the last week or so have tested positive for Conficker, which is propagated via infected USB memory devices, including MP3 players.

PandaLabs said that the spread of the attack has been fairly ubiquitous worldwide as well, with infections showing up on machines in 83 countries. Over 18,000 machines carrying the threat were found inside the U.S. alone. The company said there were concentrated pockets of affected computers in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan as well.


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