Monday, December 29, 2008

Industrial Espionage escalates


Sixty percent of office workers faced with redundancy or the sack admit they will take valuable data with them, if they could get away with it! 40% are downloading sensitive company secrets right now under their bosses nose in anticipation that they could lose their job.

That’s the findings of a survey by IT security experts Cyber-Ark from research they carried out into “The recession and its effects on work ethics” amongst 250 office workers in London’s busy Canary Wharf.

40% of workers who admit to already downloading competitive corporate data will use it as a negotiating tool to secure their next post as they know the information will be very useful to future employers.

Top of the list of desirable information that is currently being extracted from employers is the customer and contact databases, with plans and proposals, product information, and access / password codes all proving popular choices. HR records and legal documents were the least most favored data that employees were interested in taking.

Redundancy is a sore word and rumors that they were looming would send 47% of workers scurrying about prepared to do anything to try and obtain the redundancy list. Half said they’d try using their own IT access rights to snoop around the network and, if this failed, they’d consider bribing a ‘mate’ in the IT department to do it for them or bribe their friends in HR.


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