Friday, December 5, 2008

Camera Found in Church Restroom

BARTLETT, TN - A Bartlett church is now at the center of a police investigation. Bartlett Police say a man planted a camera in the woman's restroom. They say it happened at "That Church," located at 6001 Bartlett Center Drive.

"That Church" in Bartlett has about 50 members. The small congregation is somewhat relieved, but disappointed after learning about what happened in the woman's restroom.

"He would wait until all of the families left. He knew no one was in that building except for them and us. His whole goal was to get video of her, because he was in love with her and she didn't want anything to do with him," says Youth Pastor Corey Force. Force says a church member hid a camera in two of the woman's restrooms to videotape a woman he had a crush on. "His goal was one girl and one girl alone," said Force.

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