Friday, June 22, 2018


From our friend "Avi"in Israel..;-)

The power balance in Europe is shifting, which will impact the world of sports.

London, 2010. Petrodollars are flowing into Britain as Russian billionaires are buying luxury homes. Chelsea has just won the Premier League, thanks to its generous oligarch owner. Scotland Yard is investigating the polonium assassination of a Russian spy turned MI6 informant.

England and Russia are neck and neck favorites in the fierce race to become host of the football world cup 2018. They will stop at nothing to win, and huge bribes are involved. In FIFA’s own assessment, Russia is the worst candidate to host, but in the end England is humiliated with only two votes.

In a new documentary, journalists Niels Holm and Jon Adelsten enter the murky world of private intelligence agencies with a simple question: How did Russia win its world cup? We follow the enormous sums of money that have flown from extravagant stadium and infrastructure projects into the hands of Putin’s tight-knit circle of trusted oligarchs. The journalists soon find themselves in a world of dark secrets.

A World Cup of Spies will come out as the games kick in Moscow in June, 2018, showing how national football associations spent millions of public money on a James Bond-like contest.

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