Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Defense Claims Courthouse Was Illegally Bugged

SAN FRANCISCO — You might want to watch what you say on your way in and out of court.According to court papers filed Friday, federal agents placed secret recording devices in at least three locations around the entrance to the San Mateo County courthouse in Redwood City without first getting judicial approval.

The courthouse bugs were used in 2009 and 2010 to investigate bid-rigging at public foreclosure auctions. Their existence surfaced in a motion from defense lawyers for a group of five real estate investors accused of colluding to deflate prices at the auctions, which were held on the courthouse steps.

Electronic eavesdropping remains a very popular method of obtaining private information. Whether it's in public spaces, a private business or a home, bugging unsuspecting victims happens more often than you might think. And, it's easier to bug someone now than it ever has been. Eavesdropping devices have evolved. They're easy to use, small, inexpensive and the information can be captured without having to retrieve the device. If you're concerned you are the victim of electronic eavesdropping, contact us. We're thorough and effective! 

Image courtesy of JanPietruszka at FreeDigitalPhotos (dot) net 

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