Monday, August 10, 2015

Corporate Espionage & Spying Aren't Glamorous! They're Illegal.

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Spy gadgets are plentiful, and they're inexpensive. Perform a search on eBay for "spy bugs", and it will likely shock you. Even the most inexpensive eavesdropping devices can be used by a novice to steal your valuable information. 

We've provided the link and information about the "10 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like a Spy" below as a means of helping you to be informed about the threats. The manufacturers of spying tools often glorify the act of spying. But, spying is illegal and it can devastate the lives of the victims. It's not glamorous!

If you suspect your home or corporation is the target of an illegal eavesdropper, visit our page: to get valuable insight into the likelihood that you are bugged. If you are bugged, we can help you regain your privacy and peace of mind! Contact us:

10 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like a Spy

From James Bond to Austin Powers, there’s one thing that all movie spies have in common: Gadgets. And while some of the spy gadgets seen in movies seem patently ridiculous – like the wristwatch circular saw that Bond uses in 1973’s Live and Let Die — others seem more useful, like the “sticky” gloves that Ethan Hunt uses to scale the side of a skyscraper in 2011’s Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Well, before you get your hopes up, we should probably warn you that neither of those products actually exists (as far as we know anyway). And while you will probably never get your hands on the crazy gadgets that you have seen in various spy movies, there are still many impressive gadgets available that will make you feel like a real secret agent. Here are 10 gadgets that will help you unlock your inner spy. 

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