Thursday, December 19, 2013

NSA Spying Just Cost Boeing 4-5 Billion Worth of Fighter Jets

The NSA spying scandal Edward Snowden revealed to the world has upset lots of people and even a few countries. Now it’s a US company that looks set to suffer billions in lost revenue because of it.
Boeing is a heavyweight in the field of aircraft, and when a large contract comes up for new fighter jets you’d expect them to be at the top of the list for securing the work. But that’s not the case in Brazil where the company just failed to win a contract worth at least $4.5 billion.
Brazil needs to replace its fighter jet fleet and has been negotiating a contract to do so for over a decade. Boeing was the company expected to win the contract, but apparently that all changed with the NSA revelations. After that, and according to a Brazilian government source, Boeing didn’t have a chance because the trust had gone as they were an American company.
The contract was instead awarded to Swedish company Saab who will supply 36 Gripen NG fighter jets to Brazil, which are set to be delivered by 2020.The Gripen NG (or Super Gripen) is actually an upgraded version of the JAS 39 Gripen that has been in service since 1997. Modifications include a new powerplant, a significant boost to fuel capacity, and the addition of an active electronically scanned array radar.

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