Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Disgruntled employee spends three years destroying work computers with Cillit Bang

Note: This was just to bizarre of a case to pass up! ~JDL

A credit controller who was denied a pay rise at work took revenge by using Cillit Bang on his firm's computer equipment.

In a three-year sabotage spree he repeatedly squirted the caustic cleaning fluid into the company's computers, causing system failures and £32,000 worth of damage.
His employers eventually installed CCTV cameras in the offices and when they caught the 44-year-old embarking on one of his Cillit Bang missions.
Edward Sobolewski was today starting a eight month jail sentence after a judge ordered him to also pay £10,000 costs for his "malicious" attacks.
The accounts controller admitted causing the damage at the Oxford office of market research company Frost and Sullivan because he was "p-----d off" after not getting a pay increase.
He routinely used Cillit Bang - famous for its advertising catchphrase "bang and the dirt is gone" - to bring the firm's IT systems to a halt between 2009 and 2012.
Prosecutor Steve Malloy QC told a judge at Oxford Crown Court that managers had light-sensitive cameras placed in the firm's server room after they suspected foul play.

He said: "On Saturday, June 30 2012, Mr Sobolewski was seen on the CCTV camera in the main server room at a time he should not have been in there at all.

"He entered into the room with a distinctive purple bottle of Cillit Bang and the following day he was seen spraying it into the computer grills and then wiping the excess fluid away with a cloth.

"He is then seen pouring a container of liquid into one of the machines."

When challenged by his managers, Sobolewski initially said he was merely cleaning the servers.

However, he soon owned up to his crime when he was confronted with the CCTV footage.

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