Thursday, March 15, 2012

FBI Tells Corporate Execs To Defend

"J.P. Morgan reports that worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to increase from $573 Billion in 2010 to nearly $1 Trillion in 2013. Each year, cybercriminals and thieves steal terrabytes of data, intellectual property worth billions, expose an average of 260,000 personal identities per data breach, and cost organizations approximately $7.2M per data breach event. Symantec reported that this past summer, 29 chemical companies, including multiple Fortune 100 companies, were subject to computer attacks that sought to extract data on formulas and manufacturing processes." Dr. Regina E. Dugan brought these unfortunate statistics to the attention of the DARPA Cyber Colloquium in November of last year. At the same time she reminded them of several attacks tracing back to government organizations in Russian and China. It would appear they listened. DARPA reported, Monday, that they are increasing they cyber research budget by $88M in FY2012 and intend to increase the amount another 4% of it's top line budget over the next 5 years. 


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