Monday, October 31, 2011

Olive Branch Man Caught Peeping with 'Spy Pen'

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. - An Olive Branch man is accused of using a hidden camera to videotape a woman in the shower, and she's not the only victim.
Sam Allen Nuckolls of Olive Branch was a recent house guest of a woman and her husband who live in Gosnell, Arkansas. According to the woman, she had noticed that when she went to take a shower, her house guest had several items laid out on a bathroom counter, including a pen.
On closer inspection, it turned out to be a lot more than an ink pen. It's sold by the name "Video Spy Pen," and it can shoot HD video and audio or high resolution still pictures. It even writes, just in case someone gets suspicious. However, a small flashing light on the side of the pen shows that it is recording. If you open the pen, you will see the USB input device that plugs into a computer for downloading.
That's what tipped off this victim.
She said she left the bath room, then Nuckolls re-entered the bathroom and took his belongings, including the spy pen. Later, when Nuckolls left her home, the woman took the suspicious pen, plugged it into her computer and saw the video that had been recorded in her bathroom.
Her house guest was arrested by Gosnell police. He admitted he had set up the spy cam pen and also admitted he had done it before in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and even gave names of the victims.

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