Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hidden video cameras found in apartment

A couple of tenants said they recently discovered hidden video cameras inside their Hillsborough County apartment.

"We understand that we have camera everywhere. In the bathroom, in our room," said tenant Vanya Samokovareva. "They looks like smoke detectors."

Samokovareva, 22, and her roommate, Ralitsa Dzhambazova, 23, are from Bulgaria. The women said they came to Tampa in May through a work-travel program.

"This is terrible. I never expect that this thing can happen to me or my friend," said Dzhambazova. "We just came here to spend one summer in the United States, to work here."

The tenants said they've been renting the Westchase area apartment for about two months and found the hidden video cameras last weekend. Samokovareva said they taped a piece of paper to block the view of the camera in their bathroom, aimed right at the shower.

"The bathroom and your room, this is the private place and you make, in the bathroom you take a shower, you make everything," she said. "This is, I'm sure that if there is a camera, this is the idea to show us somewhere naked and to show what we make in the bathroom."

The tenants said they followed the cables from the hidden camera in their bedroom underneath the carpet to a locked up closet. They broke the lock off and said they found that all the cameras were feeding into a closed circuit TV box connected to a Wi-Fi router.


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