Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hidden Camera Found In School Locker Room

Police said a group of eighth-grade girls discovered a video camera rolling at Atchison County Junior-Senior High School in Effingham.Students and parents throughout the district said they are embarrassed, angry and scared. They are worried about what kind of images exist and who might have seen them.Residents said Effingham is a typical small town where everyone knows each other and word travels fast. And that only serves to heighten the uneasy feeling among students, they said."Was I in that video and has anybody seen it?" Principal Mark Preut asked, voicing the concerns of the students.Kendra Myers works at Effingham's only sit-down restaurant and has a niece at the junior high."I think the first thing that comes to everybody's minds, parents, children, everything is the Internet, like is this all over the Internet?" Myers said.Preut said everything that could contain exploitative images went straight to Kansas City's Regional Crime Lab. So even local, law enforcement don't know what was captured or how far it went.


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