Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Government cyber-crime report just sales puffery


You might recall that last week, consultant firm Detica produced a report on the overall cost of cyber-crime in the UK, in conjunction with the government Office of Cyber Security.

The damage of which was calculated to be £27 billion per year lopped off the British economy, a rather staggering figure to claim. Of course, it’s very difficult to quantify these sort of measurements.

A professor from the London School of Economics was certainly unimpressed with this estimation, and pointed out an interesting fact – that Detica is owned by BAE Systems, and the whole report was a “sales promotion exercise” on behalf of the latter.

Peter Sommer told ComputerWeekly: “The whole report has been orientated to areas in which BAE can offer its facilities and services.”

He noted that entire swathes of cyber-crime offences were discarded by the report, with child pornography perhaps the biggest problem area which was ignored.


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