Sunday, January 30, 2011

French spooks become embroiled in Renault's spy saga
THE Renault spying saga has taken a new turn with the car maker accusing France's intelligence agency of sabotaging its reputation.

Jean Reinhart, Renault's lawyer, said that the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence had leaked details of the inquiry into accusations of industrial espionage.

He claimed it had done so in revenge for being kept in the dark by the company when the allegations first surfaced last year.

The comments came as it emerged that French secret services had searched Renault's offices this week to try to shed light on claims that three of its executives had sold confidential information on electric vehicles to Chinese spies.

Michel Balthazard, vice-chairman of pre-engineering; Bertrand Rochette, head of pre-projects; and Matthieu Tenenbaum, the deputy head of Renault's electric vehicle program, were dismissed after an internal investigation.


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