Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mobile to VoIP anti-tapping solution launched by PrivateWave


PrivateWave has introduced a mobile phone anti-tapping solution.

Designed to combat the threat of industrial espionage and the implications to businesses in terms of cost due to loss of confidential data through unprotected conversations, the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite (EVSS) is designed to secure phone conversations between landline, VoIP phones and mobile devices.

According to PrivateWave, the integrated system guarantees full protection of voice communications from intrusions, securing all PBX conversations from landline phones to mobile devices and vice versa, resulting in privacy of all employee conversations.

The software is compatible with Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices and will soon be fully compatible with devices based on Android.


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VoIP Service said...

Mobile VoIP isn't going to replace anything anytime soon. It's way too unreliable. So on top of needing proper bandwidth. You now also need to have voip carrier equipment up as well.