Friday, July 9, 2010

Woman sues ex-husband for bugging her phone during 'spiteful' campaign against her
A woman is suing her former husband for bugging her carphone in a "spiteful" campaign designed to influence their divorce proceedings.

Harvinder Singh Gora secretly recorded the private conversations of his former wife Baksho Devi Gora by placing a bug in her car, a court heard.

Mrs Gora is seeking "substantial damages" in the unique High Court case which could have far reaching implications for privacy laws. Mrs Gora, from Walsall in the West Midlands, claimed Mr Gora violated her privacy and ruined her career after relaying extracts of recorded conversations to members of his family and their circle of friends.

Her barrister, Aidan Eardley, told the court that Mr Gora "appears to have been acting out of spite or to to assert illegitimate pressure on her in the course of their separation and divorce".

He said: "She contends that Mr Gora surreptitiously recorded a number of private and confidential telephone conversations between her and third parties - conducted by telephone from her car - and then played extracts of these recordings to members of his family, as well as threatening to play them to others."

The tapes were allegedly made during the "dying months" of the couple's acrimonious marriage.



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