Saturday, April 3, 2010

Auction heaven for 007: Rare espionage gadgets

There's a camera that shoots darts, a lipstick tube containing a dagger and fake monkey dung that explodes.

All were part of the armoury developed at a top-secret British spy camp on the bleak shore of a Canadian lake.

And if it all sounds a bit James Bond, then perhaps that's not surprising. Among the agents who learned their deadly craft at Camp X near Ontario was Bond's creator, Ian Fleming.

The gadgets, which also include a poison gas pen, and hundreds of other artefacts such as photos, fake cash, weapons, radios and uniforms, are part of an intriguing collection left behind after the wartime spy factory closed.

For years they have been housed in a museum, a reminder of the daring of the British special operatives who were trained at the camp before going behind enemy lines.

But now the museum's owner wants to sell up, angering those with links to Camp X. Among the items for sale is a radio used to keep in touch with London. It is expected to fetch £32,000.


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