Monday, December 21, 2009

How real are mobile security virus threats?
Smartphones could be set to spark a whole new set of worries for corporate security managers. This year, there have been reports of several viruses targeting Apple's iPhone and a new family of worms using SMS text messaging to spread malware among 3rd generation Symbian devices like the latest Nokia handsets.

While researchers acknowledge the threat level is currently only small, they predict that as the use of such devices to connect to company networks and conduct mobile commerce increases, so the criminal gangs responsible for commercially-motivated PC malware will start to increasingly target smartphones and other mobile devices.

"The rise in threats to mobile devices is definitely real, although still a very long way from epidemic proportions," said Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at IT security firm Trend Micro. "The real message is about preparedness, 2009 has seen a limited number of new threats, but a significant increase in their complexity and criminal intent."


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