Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Rising Threat of Industrial Espionage

When asked what comes to mind when the word “espionage” is mentioned, most people would think of the CIA, the Cold War era KGB, or James Bond. The present reality is that espionage is taking on a new form, evolving into more than just the practice of stealing countries’ security secrets, and into the practice of stealing business secrets. Today’s most dangerous spies might not arrive in a helicopter or know how to disarm a bomb, but could be sitting in the next cubicle and drive a Prius.

Espionage, a topic whose actions are usually hidden in the shadows, has been brought into the light recently by various news stories. The story of the three American hikers being held in Iran on charges of spying has caught the attention of many. Industrial espionage also poses a great risk as companies all around the world strive to protect their competitive advantage. This is increasingly becoming more concerning to nations’ as they assess the potential risk of industrial espionage to national prosperity and growth.


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