Thursday, September 3, 2009

USB Snoop Stick

Do you wonder what people are always up to on your computer whenever you are not around? The USB Snoop Stick comes in handy then, as long as you leave it plugged in discreetly. We would say that this works best when you’re running a desktop (a notebook would be wayyyy to obvious), especially when this is a machine that is nestled away in a dusty corner of your cubicle with a mess of wires providing enough coverage.

All that’s required is to slot the Snoop Stick into a USB port and run the installation program that appears. To remotely monitor your PC, all you need to then to is to insert that same SnoopStick in any Internet-capable computer’s USB port and choose “Connect and View Remote Activity.” The SnoopStick will then start displaying what the computer is accessing on the web, or any IM conversations, as well as email activity and software used.


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