Friday, September 11, 2009

Silliest 'wiretapping' charges ever recorded

Network World - Chi Quang Truong, 46, is being charged by police in Natick, Mass., with "unlawful wiretapping and possessing a device for wiretapping," according to a story in The MetroWest Daily News (my former employer, incidentally).

If you're thinking foreign spy or industrial espionage, think again. ... Try an irate customer who kicked up a fuss at a car dealer's service department.

And that "device for wiretapping?" ... Try nothing more sophisticated than a handheld digital voice recorder; an Olympus, to be precise.

If you cannot imagine what could be going on here, chances are you've not had reason to brush up on the laws governing the tape recording of conversations. (Journalists know all about this stuff.)


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