Friday, September 25, 2009

Is your cell phone spying on you?
CLEVELAND, Ohio (NBC) -- Most carry one. Some have two or more. And few would ever leave home without it.

Now the hand-held technology we all rely on is under attack by a flood of covert, internet software designed to use your cell phone against you.

The cell phone hi-jacking websites, thousands of them, are easy to find and promise the user easy access to track a cheating spouse or anyone else.

Listen live to their calls with complete access to their text messages, photos, and email. Even a gps to track their every movement without them ever knowing.

And it's cheap...Invading your privacy, using your cell phone.

Heather and Courtney Kuykendall are among the latest victims.

Cell phone hijackers sent daily notes that they knew Heather and Courtney's every movements, even threatening abduction and rape.

But experts say what the Kuykendalls shared on the Today show is happening more often everyday.


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