Friday, June 26, 2009

School staffer charged with spying on female coworkers

ROBBINSVILLE -- A staff computer technician at Sharon Elementary School was arrested Wednesday after allegedly setting up wireless cameras to spy on female employees, police said.

Carl A. Alb, a 29-year-old Pennington resident, has been suspended without pay and has been barred from setting foot on school grounds, Superintendent John Szabo said.

"Certainly we are very concerned and disturbed something like this would happen with one of our employees," Szabo said yesterday.

Police said that two miniature cameras were placed underneath secretaries' desks in the main office area of the school. The cameras had been there for about one week before a staff member leaning under the desk to plug in a cell phone charger on Wednesday morning noticed something odd.

Chief Martin Masseroni said a third camera had been discovered underneath the desk of a female teacher. Though the camera was inside the classroom, Masseroni said it was facing toward the teacher's chair and away from students.


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