Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen

Agent 99 has finally discovered the evil villain's true identity. She takes page 2 of her most recent mobile phone bill and writes the name across it with her Mossad Pen. Turning on her travel hair dryer, she heats up the ink until it disappears. She walks down the block and casually throws out the phone bill. Agent 86, disguised as a street musician, plucks the bill out of the trash and takes it back to his hotel room. He sticks it in the mini fridge's freezer section. Within seconds, Agent 99's writing reappears. He now knows his next target.

The secret is in the Mossad Pen's temperature sensitive ink. Add heat, the ink disappears; add cold, it reappears. And not just once - you can do this over and over with the same piece of writing. There is no better way to pass secret notes than the Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen. And because it's a gel pen, you don't need to press hard (so you won't leave any telltale indentations on the paper). So get a Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen now, and start dispatching secret messages right away. Agent 85 is waiting.


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