Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Disguised UHF transmitters

Spy Development (from the mfg's website).

USB cable UHF transmitter.
When plugged to a USB port the cable works as usual and the transmitter inside the cable transmits conversations or any sound to a distant receiver.
No batteries needed. The transmitter works as long as it remains plugged to a USB port.
With Automatic Gain Control system it is able to pick up a whisper up to 40 feet away from the transmitter microphone as clearly as loud speech near it.

  • USB cable works and looks as usual.
  • Nothing unusual can be found.
  • Powered by a USB port, no battery required for the transmitter.
  • Only one end of the cable needs to be plugged to provide power.
  • Extremely sensitive built-in microphone.
  • Automatic microphone gain control.
  • Crystal frequency control.
Frequency: 433 - 434 MHz (300 - 434 MHz on demand) * each UHF transmitter works on a separate frequency channel so several of them can be used simultaneously.

Note: Would your IT administrator notice this ? I don't think so....Want to know for sure? Contact me @ ComSec LLc , I can help.

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