Sunday, May 17, 2009

AirTight Reveals Wi-Fi Security Risks for Airspace

In a recently released survey, AirTight Networks has exposed the wireless security vulnerabilities in the financial districts of New York, Chicago, Boston, Wilmington (DE), Philadelphia, San Francisco and London.
As the use of wireless devices and networks increases, companies are increasingly at the risk of exposing sensitive data to the hackers through the wireless networks. For hackers, it’s easier to hack a wireless network than a wired network.
According to the survey, 57 percent of the airspace scanned was dominated by open or WEP encrypted access points. It makes it very easy to sniff, decode, capture or misuse this data. Also, when connected to an internal network, open and WEP encrypted access points pose a serious risk to the network. The survey also discovered several instances of open APs that were connected directly to internal networks and leaking the identities of active users including company executives.


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