Saturday, April 25, 2009

How your cell phone can be used against you

SALT LAKE CITY -- Your cell phone connects you to the world, but now it could be used to snoop into your private life too. Investigative reporter Debbie Dujanovic discovered how easily technology can turn your cell phone into a super spy.
We gave our brand new cell phone to KSL employee Katie Oborn. She agreed to take part in our experiment. She used the phone for 10 days straight, and the phone secretly fed us the scoop on her every move. Every text message, every phone call and every place she went. "Just tap into my personal life, it's shocking. You feel stalked, you feel watched over, not in a good way," said Katie Oborn. "It just makes you feel uncomfortable."

The phone secretly detailed her days and nights. We could log on to any computer and get instant access to every single e-mail and text message sent and received, word-for-word. We could track the phone numbers of every incoming call and number she dialed.

If that's not enough, we always knew her precise location. We acquired the GPS coordinates, complete with photographs of her whereabouts. In one day alone, we received 136 updates telling and showing us exactly where we could find Katie.


Note: Cell phone "bugging" is a very real and growing threat. Visit ComSec LLc for more information.

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