Monday, April 6, 2009

Car thieves duped into stealing bugged cars


Sneaky thieves are being caught red-handed by a fleet of secret decoy vehicles planted by police across Wandsworth.

Cars, vans, mopeds and bicycles are being fitted with satellite tracking technology and video recording equipment to monitor unsuspecting crooks.

The honey traps are planted in vehicle crime hotspots and left unattended, often with satellite navigation systems, or sat-navs, on display.

Inspector Dale Anderton from the borough’s safer neighbourhoods teams (SNT) said: “The aim of this initiative is to make offenders think twice before breaking into vehicles.

“Thieves need to know, any car they steal - or steal from - could easily be a police decoy vehicle and we will be waiting to arrest them.”

The long-term operation involves rotating the vehicles and locations on a regular basis and two arrests have been made in the first three weeks.


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