Friday, February 20, 2009

Spy for Israel sold bugged cars to Hizbullah members

BEIRUT: To those who knew him, the Hizbullah-supporting car dealer from Nabatiyeh seemed an unlikely Israeli spy. But as Marwan Faqih adjusts to life in military custody, new details have emerged about his secret double life as an undercover agent for the Jewish state.

No-one suspected that every car he sold them was fitted with a satellite monitoring device that allowed Israeli intelligence agents to track their every move. In the end, the paper's sources say, it was a routine repair that led to the discovery of Faqih's secret double life.
According to the report, an auto electrician was trying to fix a problem with a Hizbullah vehicle when he discovered an "unfamiliar device" attached to the electrical system that he thought might have been causing the problem.


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