Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nowell Releases Counter-Espionage Security Software To Defeat Insider Espionage and Identity Theft

Shalom is a security solution that prevents Insider Threats, Internal Fraud and Data Leakage by identifying suspicious and potentially risky behavior inside the business computing environment. It works by detecting and authenticating suspicious insiders exhibiting anomalous behavior via artificial intelligence.

Suspicious behavior is the key indicator of insider threats, internal fraud, and data leakage. Shalom identifies suspicious behavior and quickly reports, then questions the suspicious user for authentication.

If the suspect fails the authentication, this indicates an impostor, so Shalom denies network access to the intruder immediately. On the other hand, if the user passes, Shalom grants them access, but still reports the suspicious activity.

Shalom also generates detailed reports for information security administrators to review later. Reports can be used to resolve security incidents and audit information systems. With Shalom, suspicious internals are identified and intruders denied access. Via Shalom, insider threats, internal fraud and identity theft is better prevented.


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